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medium voltage switchgear manufacturers

As MVPoint expert team, medium voltage switchgear manufacturers we are helping you to build your own factory for Medium Voltage products manufacturing such as LV Panels, Transformers, MV Switchgears and Switching Devices and Substations.

medium voltage distribution

If you have an existing production plant, medium voltage distribution then we can help you to reach a better design and production capability!

mv switchgear manufacturers

MVPoint’s dedicated mv switchgear manufacturers focus is on four main product families consisting of a Substaion Package below;

LV Panels

  • Distribution Boards
  • Street Lighting Boards
  • Reactive Power Compensation Boards


  • Power Transformers
  • Distribution Transformers (Oil Type, Cast Resin Type)
  • Special Purpose Transformers (Arc Furnace, Phase Shifting etc.)

MV Switchgears and Switching Devices

  • Air Insulated Switchgears
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Load Break Switches
  • Disconnectors
  • Gas Insulated Switchgears (RMUs)


  • Concrete Type
  • Metal-sheet Type
  • Container Type
  • Mobile Type

Business Model

Where to Use?

Medium Voltage Point

Medium Voltage Substation Packages are the most critical and high-demanded elements of Electricity Distribution Network. They are essential products to distribute the electricity to urban and rural areas.

Global demand for energy will peak by 28% in 2030.

World Energy Council

Business Model

What We Are Offering?

If you manufacture any of below Medium Voltage Products, we make you BETTER!

If you don’t, we make you a MANUFACTURER!

MVPoint Consultancy Areas

  • Turnkey Green Field Factory Establishment Consultancy
  • Technical Design Consultancy
  • Manufacturing Line Optimization
  • Lay-out Design
  • Type Test Product Design
  • Know-how Transfer
  • Technical Trainings
  • Feasibility Study
  • Turn-key Project Management from A-Z
  • Factory Operations Management
  • Marketing Management
  • HR Management
MVPoint Consultancy Areas

1. LV Panel

2. MV Transformer

Oil or Cast Resin Type

3. MV Switchgear

Air or Gas Insulated Type

4. Substation

Concrete or Metal Sheet Type

Business Model

How It Works

Business Model

Cooperation Levels

Please click on interested product photo below to see detailed cooperation levels:

LV Panels LV Panels

LV Panels

Transformers Transformers


Oil, Cast Resin and Special Types

MV Switchgears Switching Devices

MV Switchgears and Switching Devices

MV Substations MV Substations

MV Substations

Concrete, Metal-sheet, Container, Mobile Types

Twenty-five of the 54 countries in Africa deal with frequent power crises characterised by outages, irregular supply and surging electricity costs.

OECD Development Centre

Why Mvpoint?

Reasons to work with us

Experience & Expertise

Wisdom comes from experience.

  • More than 30 years electromechanical products manufacturing experience
  • More than 7 completed turnkey factory projects around the world
  • Deep knowledge about technical specifications of different countries
  • Design knowledge
  • Supplying complete feasibility study
  • Ability to design products for type test
  • Ability to give all required trainings for production staff
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Cost Saving

Money saved is as good as money gained.

  • Fast return of investment
  • Very less know-how transfer cost
  • Optimum factory design
  • Optimum product design
  • Optimum lay-out design
  • Staff optimization
  • Machine optimization
  • Fast start time for production

Project Management

Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.

  • From A to Z turnkey project management
  • Collaborating with best raw material and machine suppliers all over the world
  • Collaborating with best manufacturing partners all over the world
  • Professional budget management
  • Professional HR management
  • Professional conflict management
  • Professional time management
  • Professional supply-chain management
  • Professional risk management
  • Professional scope management

600 million Africans are not connected to an electrical network.

 OECD Development Centre

Urban-Rural Disparity in Access to Electric Grid


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